12 Useful Bondage Rope Tips

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If you’re interested in trying rope bondage, there are plenty of things you’ll need to learn beforehand – things like anatomy, knots, and safety etc.

Another very important one…

The actual rope – because there’s way more to buying and …

Pegging Is The Next Level Of Anal Play

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If you’re here looking for articles on finances, cribbage, or manufacturing reports…

Turn around and walk away – right now.

Because we’re talking about the OTHER kind of pegging.

The one that involves the bum.


For those …

101 Extensive List Of Kinks And Fetishes

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There are WAY more than 101 kinks and fetishes out there, but let’s look at some of them – for curiosity, for fun … for science.

Also, understand this list is a mixture of Kinks AND Fetishes (fetishes being something …

Nipple Clamps 101

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Pleasurable sensations to the nipples are processed in the same area of the brain as vaginal or clitoral pleasure. And, while we go out and splurge on dildos or vibrators, our nipples end up forgotten.

Using nipple clamps doesn’t have to …

How To Get Kinky With Sensory Deprivation

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Sensory deprivation, aka sensory play, isn’t as intimidating as it sounds.

As long as it involves taking away at least one of the senses, it counts – things like blindfolds, earplugs, and all the way to mummification.

And the reasons …

Top 6 Benefits of Yoni Eggs

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Yoni eggs are ancient healers. The use of these semi-precious stones dates back to 5,000+ years back and these were mostly restricted to royal women only. The queens, empresses and imperial concubines used to swore by Yoni eggs to enhance …