Comical YouTube Channels and Vloggers That Talk About Sex


If you thought all vloggers talk about things that interest teenagers and bored moms, you’re wrong. Vloggers talk about sex too. We are sure that you have come across many blogs that have sex as a category or have dedicated an entire website to this topic.

These are the most serious topics, and on YouTube channels, it is much different. Below are seven vloggers who stand out by sharing real talks about sex.

Melanie Murphy

When she became a mother for the first time, this Irish influencer turned more to topics like pregnancy and motherhood and self-care habits. She dedicated her channel to women more than men. She talks about their health, mental health, orgasms and has not stopped writing about PMS.

Melanie is fun, sweet and hairless on the tongue. As we watch her funny videos about sex, we get the impression that she has fully accepted herself as a woman and normalized many things for women around the world.

Not only is this YouTube channel of an entertaining nature, but educational too. “You’ll have to turn yourself mentally,” says Murphy in one of her videos. Check out her channel. She’s also the author of many books. One of them is “If Only”, which focuses on the life of a woman trying to realize what she wants from it.

Shannon Boodram (Shan Boody)

She is an intimacy expert, sexologist and author who gives you a lot of advice on dating, relationships, sex and lifestyle. In one of her videos, she explained in detail the consequences of herpes and what causes it. So this is a channel full of health tips too.

Should you break up with your boyfriend or keep fighting? Whether you are an open relationship person or not, how to stay present while discussing big issues with your partner – these are also some of the other topics you will find if you follow Shan Boody.

Sarah Rae Vargas

Sarah goes much further than real talks about sex. Since she is curvy herself, she supports curvy women and their sexuality. She asks questions about what worries them during sex and focuses on lifestyle in general. Her answers are direct, honest and funny.

Clothes are made for everyone, regardless of their appearance. Life is for everyone, and everyone deserves to live it as they wish, as well as to set their limits. Her channel is full of plus size fashion tips, and it will also help you find a way to accept your body and fall in love with it again.

No, you don’t need to restrict yourself from wearing a crop top unless you have six-pack abs. And no, your value is not measured by your weight. And now, head to her channel to remind yourself of that.

Laci Green

She is communicative, sweet, open-minded, and she shares real talks about sex. You will find all these weird fetishes, sex toys and terms you don’t know what they mean at Laci Green. 

Laci will also remind you of the way you should beware of sexual assaults. It’s OK to ask “Can I touch you”, and it’s not OK to insist on it because ” you only live once”.

She talks about the right way for someone to ask you for sex and what to do if someone convinces you that you should do it for him because he is so horny. Instead, the person taking care of you will emotionally ask you if you are ready, and if you like what he is doing, and similar questions.

Find out why sex shame is completely irrelevant for women and men. Learn how to get rid of it and indulge in the pleasures that affect your long-term health. Apart from this, she also gives lots of advice on ways to touch men correctly and how to make your female partner really orgasm next time. Trust us. You will enjoy her content!

Lindsey Doe (Sexplanations)

You’ll find the real thing with Dr Lindsey Doe. This sexologist and sex educator loves sex. On her channel, we come across various topics from anal sex, dry humping, masturbation and other sex-related topics to mammograms and education on how to self-check your breasts.

Vloggers funnily talk about sex, normalizing it and sharing their experiences. They unbox sex toys, openly share reviews on them and talk about being true to yourself and realizing what you really like as the most important thing to do. Dr Doe also talks about ways to prevent autism from getting in the way of sexual pleasure.

Planned Parenthood

We can find sexual and reproductive sex health care tips here. Let’s discuss safe sex more, as well as parenting tips for talking sex with their teens. Indeed, through videos made graphically to the real people in them, here you will find the answers to all the deep sex-related questions.

A team of experts discuss political topics, such as the vaccine and its importance and safe access to abortion too. They’re all about healthy pregnancy, birth control pills, fast ejaculation. They give real advice with all the facts on the mentioned topics, but also on many others.

They do not ridicule anyone’s problem and anyone’s shame. We are talking about a team of real experts. Speaking of sex embarrassment, they explain how to put on a condom and take care of your vulva and vagina. 

So, things that seem simple to us (and they are not) and we are ashamed to talk about them, and the advice is necessary for us, can be found on this channel.

The point is to normalize these things to prevent teen pregnancies.  But also the adult unwillingness of pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Follow some of the funny videos about sex, and you will be richer for knowledge and enlightenment. Vloggers talk about sex too, and it’s a good thing they do.