Monicalshulman.com® was founded and created by a Monica Shulman and her husband who are just looking to share the awkward sex stories that might have never been told. This site consists of user-submitted content that will put a smile on your face and make you feel better about your sex life. The site teaches readers not to get a tattoo of an ex or talk about castrating horses on the first date, in case you didn’t know to do those things.

We firmly believe that the complementary but opposing roles explored within erotic power exchange are symbiotic. Both dominant and submissive are powerful in their unique ways, and the experience that the two consensually engage in together should become more significant than the sum of its parts, fulfilling both deeply.

Whether you visit Monicalshulman.com® for a session, an event, a consultation, kink counseling, or any of our site’s features, we hope the experience becomes a memorable milestone in your journey into kink.