Nipple Clamps 101


Pleasurable sensations to the nipples are processed in the same area of the brain as vaginal or clitoral pleasure. And, while we go out and splurge on dildos or vibrators, our nipples end up forgotten.

Using nipple clamps doesn’t have to be something out of hardcore BDSM porn (unless you want them to). They can be dainty, delicate, and gentle.

First, figure out what kind of clamps will work best for you.


SEPARATED OR CONNECTED – Clamps will either come connected with a chain or separate. Not right or wrong choice here, but chains add a little something extra…

CHAINS – Their function is twofold. First, they add weight to the clamps. Second, they create extra movement. Each of these adds extra stimulation. They can also be really pretty.

WEIGHTS – they function similar to chains but they can add more weight and pull.


Also called Crocodile Clamps. Some love the adjustability of the screws, while others find them cumbersome. Personally, I haven’t found any issues with them. However, they’re not as “stylish” as the tweezer variety.


These bad boys are really adjustable – just move the ring closer to the clamps for something tighter or further away for a mild squeeze.

Good for beginners to advanced users.


They’re usually alligator clamps but with a small vibrator attached to each end which adds even more stimulation. Fun but cumbersome and not practical for public use if you want to wear them under a shirt.


These aren’t really for beginners – since there’s no way to adjust the pressure (this also depends on how strong the magnets are).

I’m told they have a pretty strong pinch to them.


Pulling down on the chains changes the pressure from moderate upwards.

If the basic pressure is too much for you, best not to use them, because you can’t dial them down, only up. Better for intermediate and up.


There’s not that much in the way of suggestions. Other than the obvious aspects of comfort and circulation, there’s…

  • If you have a metal allergy, be careful
  • Buy ones with rubber tips if you’re worried
  • Inspect any other attachments to make sure they’ll stay on
  • Beginners should get adjustable clamps
  • The average set costs around $20


Don’t put something on another person that you wouldn’t try yourself. You don’t have to wear them at max, but at least get a feel for them so you know what your partner will be feeling.

Also, the general consensus is that you shouldn’t wear them for more than 15 minutes at a time.