Top 6 Benefits of Yoni Eggs


Yoni eggs are ancient healers. The use of these semi-precious stones dates back to 5,000+ years back and these were mostly restricted to royal women only. The queens, empresses and imperial concubines used to swore by Yoni eggs to enhance their sexual power and fertility. In fact, Yoni eggs can keep a woman fertile even in her old age. However, today Yoni eggs are very much a part of mainstream society and you will find them online only. There are various benefits of Yoni eggs. You must be intrigued by now to know the great advantages of these stones.

Well, the post below offers a brief on the amazing perks of using Yoni eggs.

Tightens & tones vaginal wall

One of the best benefits of using Yoni eggs is tightening of vaginal wall. A lot of women tend to encounter loose or weak vagina after childbirth and with age. It affects their sex life badly and sometimes relationship with their partner. But with Yoni eggs, you can get rid of all such woes easily. These natural stones will strengthen your vagina and boost up your sex life big time.

Not only the Yoni eggs tighten vaginal walls- they also work to enhance the lubrication of the organ. Women tend to suffer from low lubrication as they age which hampers their love life. But Yoni eggs help them to keep their sex life rocking even at an advancing age.

More powerful orgasms

A lot of women complain about not experiencing orgasms while they are getting intimate with their partners. As a result, they can never really enjoy their sex life. But a Yoni egg will keep all such issues at bay. Women who use Yoni eggs confirm that the stone has helped them to experience more passionate orgasms which have helped to boost their sex life big time.

Prevention of urinary incontinence

Yoni eggs are mostly used to perform Kegel exercises- the exercises that are mostly prescribed for those suffering from urinary incontinence. These exercises work to tighten up the bladder that consequently helps to remedy and prevent further cases of urinary incontinence.

Helps with menstruation issues

Yoni eggs not only help to amp up your sexual energy. In fact, these healing stones have proven to address many menstruation issues as well. For example, regular exercise with Yoni eggs can reduce painful cramps that every other woman experiences during menstruation. Besides, these exercises also work to cut down on the duration of the menses.

It’s to note here that yoni egg exercises have shown to regulate the hormonal balance in women body and also enhance hormones. Hormonal imbalance is one of the main reasons behind menstruation issues. As these stones address hormonal imbalance, these are automatically able to fix many related issues associated with menses.

Besides, yoni eggs can also reduce the painful symptoms of PMS.

Safer than other kegel exercise tools

Yoni eggs are carved out of natural stones and hence these are way safer than other tools used for Kegel exercise.  Unlike vaginal cones or Kegel weights, these natural stones are not made or enhanced with dyes, chemicals, heat or dangerous plasticizers such as BPA or phthalates. There is no side effect of using Yoni eggs.

Detoxifies womb

Another great benefit of Yoni eggs is that these stones are great to detoxify the womb. The Yoni eggs carry amazing healing properties. So, when you insert it inside your body, it passes on those positive vibes inside your womb and cleanse off all its toxic energy.

Just remember to get a high quality GIA-certified Yoni Egg from a reliable online retailer.