101 Extensive List Of Kinks And Fetishes


There are WAY more than 101 kinks and fetishes out there, but let’s look at some of them – for curiosity, for fun … for science.

Also, understand this list is a mixture of Kinks AND Fetishes (fetishes being something that isn’t necessarily sexual, but people get a degree of sexual arousal from it).

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get dirty?

  • 1950’s Fetish – roleplay of the traditional, American, nuclear family – can be practiced in reverse
  • 24/7 – a power exchange relationship that functions 24/7
  • Abduction Seduction – kidnapping someone but in a loving manner
  • Adult Baby – acting like an infant, wearing diapers and receiving care
  • Aliens – fantasy about having sex with aliens, often abduction and forced
  • Amazonian – wanting to get it on with really strong, authoritative women
  • Amputees – getting turned on by people with amputations
  • Anal Sex – some people just like it in the butt
  • Armpits – arousal or enjoyment from smelling, licking, or kissing armpits
  • Autofellatio – a guy giving a blowjob to himself
  • Bare-backing – sex without a condom (E)
  • Bathroom Control – deciding when someone can use the restroom
  • Biting – gimme those teeth

Can you guess what fetish “Nyotaimori” is? 

Hint: Food – Find out later in the list.

  • Blood Choking – making someone pass out by restricting blood flow to the brain (E)
  • Blood Play – sexual arousal from seeing, letting, or playing with blood. Has many other subgenres like vampirism (E)
  • Body Painting – painting bodies, treating the skin as a human canvas
  • Bondage – restraining or restricting movement
  • Branding – marking the skin with a heated object to form an image, word, or symbol (E)
  • Breast or Nipple Torture – the equivalent to CBT, causing pain to the breasts and nipples (E)
  • Breath Play – coking by restricting breathing (E)
  • Caning – stroking someone with a cane
  • CBT – cock and ball torture – causing pain to male genitalia (E)
  • Chasity – no sex for you
  • Clothed Sex – sex with clothes on, so the fabric goes inside you
  • Collaring – wearing a collar to show you are a submissive. Can be as serious as a wedding ring in some BDSM circles
  • Consensual Non-consent – also known as rape play (still consensual)
  • Corseting/Tight-lacing – shape changing of the body through corsetry, sometimes includes breath-play
Different sytles of corsets
  • Cross Dressing – wearing another “gender’s” clothing
  • Culcockery – when a male partner loves watching his woman have sex with another man – a form of humiliation
  • Cupping – heating up a specialized round cup that creates a vacuum on the skin – often used in Chinese therapy
  • Dacryphilia – turned on by tears/crying
  • Double Penetration – one penis in the vagina, another in the ass
  • Electric Play – the “safest” way is by using a TENS unit (E)
  • Enema – douching or cleaning the anal cavity or rectum
  • Exhibitionism – enjoying when other people watch you having sex
  • Face Fucking – blowjob where the man roughly fucks someone’s mouth
  • Facial Hair – you like beards and mustaches etc.
  • Figging – inserting a peeled piece of fresh ginger into the anus
  • Fire Play – play that involves fire (E)
  • Fisting – using a fist to penetrate the vagina or anus
  • Flogging – striking someone with a multi-tailed whip
  • Food Play – using food during sex
  • Foot Fetish – getting turned on by feet
  • Forced Feeding – feeding someone so they gain weight
  • Furry Yiff – dressing up in furry animal costumes itself isn’t considered sexual, but if you DO have sex while in costume, it’s not just “furry”
Two people dressed in furry costumes
  • Garters and Stocking – many men get turned on seeing a woman in this (now) uncommon underwear
  • Gerontophilia – attraction to someone in a much older age group
  • Golden Showers – peeing one someone (E)
  • Graphoerotica – writing words on someone’s body
  • Gun Play – arousal from use or threat of a firearm (E)
  • Hand Fetish – well, people like feet, why not hands?
  • Hermaphrodites – fetish for someone with male and female body parts
  • Human Furniture – where someone loves to act like a piece of furniture
  • Impact Play – striking someone with various objects to create a “sting” or “thud” sensation
  • Impregnation – getting someone pregnant, typically from a man’s point of view (E)
  • Intelligence Fetish – sexual arousal from intellectually stimulating conversation or debates
  • Knife Play – play using knives or sharp objects. Can be sensory or a “threat” roleplay (E)
  • Knismolagnia – arousal through tickling
  • Lactation – when you get off on women with milk-producing breasts (usually drinking)
  • Long Hair – turned on by long, beautiful locks
  • Loud Sex – yep, getting off knowing other people can hear you having sex
  • Medical Play – play or scene using medical equipment/tools (E)
  • Mummification – wrapping someone entirely to limit movement
Woman in pink latex vaccume bed

Mummification, sleepsacks, and vacuum beds can have a bit of a crossover.

  • Needle Play – involves the use or threat of needles (E)
  • Nyotaimori – eating sushi off a person’s body
  • Orgasm Control – controlling someone’s orgasms through signals and cues (different from denial
  • Orgasm Denial – not allowing someone to have an orgasm for a certain period of time
  • Orgies – lots and lots of sex with lots and lots of people
  • Pecattiphilia – fetish for sinning by breaking religious rules
  • Play Piercing – temporary piercing the flesh for aesthetic or sensory reactions (E)
  • Pony Play – using someone as a pony (including riding). Can include costumes
  • Pregnancy Fetish – usually from males, thought to be from hormonal reactions
  • Puppy Play – treating someone like (or pretending to be) a dog
  • PVC – to love wearing PVC clothing
  • Queening – also called face-sitting. Oral sex with the woman on top (or just sitting on top without oral sex)
  • Rough Sex – includes biting, scratching, power play etc.
  • Rubber – to love wearing rubber clothing
  • Scat Play – play with fecal matter (E)
  • Sensation Play – running different materials across the skin to create different sensations. Eg. silk, burlap, brush bristles
  • Sensory Deprivation – taking away various senses, like sight with a blindfold, plug for the ears etc.
  • Sex Toys – a general love of using sex toys, but people can have a specific love for one kind of toy (eg. butt plugs)
Collection of various sex toys
  • Shibari – Japanese rope bondage
  • Sleepsack Fetish – comes from an arousal from closed spaces. The sub gets into a sleepsack, bag, or box etc.
  • Sounding – inserting metal rods into the urethral openings (originally a medical term) (E)
  • Spanking – tap dat ass
  • Swinging – committed couples consensually indulging in sex with other couples
  • Tattoos – some like giving them, some like getting them (E)
  • Texting and Audio – Audiobooks, messages etc.
  • Trampling – being under someone’s foot/shoe. Can be related to foot fetish, but not necessarily
  • Transformation – the fetish for transforming or changing people into other people, objects, or creatures – popular in Japanese hentai
  • Uniform Fetish – pretty straightforward, you get turned on by uniforms
  • Vacuum Bed – a device that is two sheets of latex with the air sucked out and the person inside breathing through a tube. A form of sensory deprivation (E)
  • Vampire – role-playing as a vampire (or victim of one). Can, but doesn’t have to, include bloodplay
  • Voyeurism – watching other people have sex
  • Watersports – playing with urine (E)
  • Wax Play – play with dripping hot wax on the skin
  • Werewolf Play – same as vampire play but with werewolves
  • Wrestling – play fighting for body contact and power control
  • Xenophilia – intense attraction towards people from other cultures or strangers
  • Yaoi – a fetish for male-on-male sexuality in anime, manga, or fan fiction. Aimed at a female audience, not a gay male (Bara)
  • Zentai – a fetish to wear full lycra bodysuits

So, how many of these kinks made it on your “been-there-done-that” list? Share in the comments your favorite.